Benchmark Enterprises Custom Stick built or Modular Homes Of Sussex County Delaware

Our company generally prices and sells modular homes three ways.

The first (Turnkey Option).


"Turn Key" means that we handle everything from start to finish. When the Home is complete the site is finish graded and seeded, and the home is ready to move into.  We build turnkey only within Delaware from our office in (Sussex and Kent County) Greenwood, DE.  Beyond that we (drop ship and project manage) only.


However before to provide you with a turn-key quote we need the following information.

Where are you planning to build?

How long will the driveway be?

Wooded Lot or open lot?

What type of foundation will it be?

The Standard four foot Crawlspace or full basement?

Will there be well and Septic or City Water and City Sewer?

If septic, then the final price will be determined based on the engineer's design.

Will there be any changes to the floor plan and/or upgrades?

Kitchen cabinets - Standard, cherry, maple 42 inch high Or 36 inches high.

Keep standard bathroom fixtures?

What type of floor covering would you like the Standard carpet and vinyl?

Note: This is not a complete list...


We will provide this service in Kent and Sussex County Delaware only.


The Second (Drop Ship Option).


This method is delivered and "set on your foundation"

In this method, you the property owner can save even more money by being involved in the construction process as the general contractor.

This means you hire and oversee the sub-contractors, such as the excavator, the plumber and the Electrician etc.…

We design the floorplan for you, and order the Home from the factory and arrange to have the house delivered Set on your foundation, make the house weather tight. The house itself at this point is about 85% complete.


What needs to be done to complete the home can be seen by viewing (Completion Work) on the menu.

In both cases we take you step by step through the house design and specifications for the order, cost estimating totals for the entire project, provide you with a procedural checklist, and assistance with documentation necessary for bank financing.

Regarding delivery and set on your foundation, we coordinate permitting and scheduling with the manufacturer along with the crane and set crew.

What is included with modular home drop ship?

1. House Design and order processing with the factory.

2. Deliver to your site.

3. Crane and Set Crew.

4. Make house watertight.


We will provide this service in PA, New Jersey, Maryland, Parts of Virginia, and Delaware.

The Third (Project Management Option)


The Project management option is essentially the same as Turnkey with these exceptions:

We handle all the necessary steps to complete your home.

We give you an estimated cost to complete the home, such as the sub-contractor costs, materials and site work estimated costs.

 (Note: The costs are estimated costs as quoted from the contractors and material suppliers, these costs can be over or under the actual quoted costs.)

We charge a (10% of the total project) management fee for completing your project. 

We will design and quote you the home cost based on the floor plan, and arrange for the house to be delivered from the factory and set on the foundation.

You will be responsible for all costs and payments including the sub-contractors, materials etc.


We will provide this service in Kent and Sussex County Delaware only.